Was a Redding McDonalds Hit by a Meteor?

McDonalds 801 E. Cypress Ave. Redding, CA Photo by Frank Milella

Was a Redding McDonalds Hit by a Meteor?……..

No but it sure looked like it was.

A Redding McDonalds at 801 E. Cypress Ave, is, apparently undergoing an extensive remodel.  When driving by the restaurant today, Sept. 08, 2008,   I noticed a crowd of people watching a work crew, behind a chain link fence surrounding the work site.  The crew was demolishing the building which once stood open for business, serving some of my favorites like Big Macs and all sorts of delicious breakfast sandwiches, but now it was being torn down and taken away board by board, and piece by piece.

When I contacted the McDonalds corporate office to ask about specifics like, if and when will this restaurant reopen, I was told that they had no information to give me, but they would have the owner give me a call and he could answer any questions which I had.

As of the time of posting this article, I have not heard anything from anyone. If I do hear anything I will post it here.

Here is information if you wish to contact the corporate office of McDonalds to find out for yourself.

McDonald’s USA Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in contacting McDonald’s.

There are three ways to share a comment, question, complaint or praise with McDonald’s.

Call us. Within the U.S., you can call us on our toll-free telephone number at 1-800-244-6227.

Write us. Our U.S. corporate mailing address is:
McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Email us. To send us an email, please choose the most appropriate category below which describes the purpose of your message. :

A Specific Visit to a U.S. McDonald’s Restaurant

A Visit to a McDonald’s Restaurant Outside of the U.S.

McDonald’s Food Quality, Nutrition, Ingredients

McDonald’s U.S. Marketing, Promotions, and Advertising

McDonald’s Corporate Responsibility

Students Doing Projects and Research

Scholarship Information

Sponsorship and Donation Information

McDonald’s Employees’ Questions or Comments

Other Areas of McDonald’s Business

Unsolicited Idea Policy


I received a phone call from this McDonalds owner, and was told that the store will be rebuilt from the ground up and a reopen date is scheduled for December 15, 2008.


2 responses to “Was a Redding McDonalds Hit by a Meteor?

  1. hello there northvalley my name is katie the story you people wrote is amazing i did see Mc Donalds get torn apart it is really sad though i can’t wait to hear more please e-mail me at (address eliminated for commenters security)

    sincerly yours,

  2. Hello Katie and thank you for your comment.

    You will be able to subscribe to our site and its updates. Please check back and look for the feedburner link to subscribe by email, or RSS.

    As you see, we posted an update to this story.

    We are happy to see that there will be a brand new McDonalds rebuilt at the same location. Obviously the decision to tear down and rebuild a brand new Mcdonalds from the ground up, was one which shows growth and competition is thriving here in Redding.

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