City of Redding Construction

City Of Redding

City Of Redding

Does it seem as though there is road construction going on everywhere in Redding?

If you said yes, then you would be correct! There are multiple road improvements going on throughout the city. Here are just a few of the projects, which I chose to highlight on this blog:

Palm Trees Line The Drive

Palm Trees Line The Drive

Hilltop Drive, for instance, is getting a much needed facelift.

According to the City Project Status Report for August 2008, the

Hilltop Hotel Business

Improvement District


The formation of a Business Improvement District to

work in partnership with the City of Redding to

beautify the Hilltop Drive corridor by under grounding

overhead lines and landscaping street medians.



and Engineering

Conduit has been installed and grading done for

sidewalks on the west side of Hilltop Drive. The

concrete contractor has begun new sidewalk work and

landscape installation is progressing.

What that means is that the city is working in partnership with Business Owners to beautify and improve the Hilltop Drive Hotel area, and the work is progressing.

In my opinion, the palm trees add a “California” look to the area and upgrade the appearance of economic prosperity, within that area of Hilltop Drive.

The Cypress Ave Bridge.

It seems like the construction on the Cypress Ave. Bridge has been going on for ever.  The endless gridlock and closures have been extremely trying and inconvenient for motorists, as well as business in the area.

The plans for the new bridge of the future, will be well worth the inconveniences which we are putting up with now.  According to the city of Redding bridge replacement project,  This project will replace the two existing Cypress Avenue bridges with a new six-lane bridge, consistent with the rest of the Cypress corridor.
The existing bridges were built in 1948 and 1968, and do not meet current traffic capacity,
pedestrian width, foundation scour, or seismic requirements.  The project limits will extend from the west side of the Athens intersection to the east side of the Hartnell intersection, and include the re-configuration of the Park Marina/Parkview intersection.

Here are two artists renderings of what the new bridge will look like, From the CYPRESS BRIDGE REPLACEMENT PROJECT FACT SHEET:

One Shot of the new Cypress Ave. Bridge

One Shot of the new Cypress Ave. Bridge

Another shot of the proposed Cypress Ave. Bridge

Another shot of the proposed Cypress Ave. Bridge

The city of Redding is becoming a better city every day. We continue to grow, prosper and shine as one of Northern Californias premier cities.  A special word of appreciation goes out to all of the citizens and employees of Redding who work together to make our fine city, one of the jewels in California’s crown.

Get out and enjoy some of the fine parks that we are lucky to have here in Redding.  Enterprise community Park is just one of the many great, clean, parks which we are able to enjoy thanks to fantastic city employees like Dennis Meza (Green Shirt) and Steve Martin (Not the famous comedian)Dennis and Steve keep the parks in tip top shape


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