Facts About YOUR Electric Utility

A History lesson, Civics Class, Economics and Government, all rolled into one big Rate Increase for City Of Redding Utilities Customers in 2009

If you live in Redding, CA. and are a customer of The City Of Redding Utilities, then this information may be helpful to you.  The following is from the 2009 Rate Increase Page of REU website

Recent news that REU recommends the City Council consider an electric rate increase of 7.84%, has generated some questions, concerns and some misinformation in our community. It is important that we remember our Utility’s history and understand the industry’s challenges, to gain a better understanding of our electric energy future.

REU claims that their power is considerably less expensive than PG&E and is up and running 99.991% of the time, ranking REU among the State’s most reliable utilities.

REU also claims that they have, through rebates, “injected $9.5 Million into the local economy and reducing peak demand by nearly 12 megawatts”.

REU is seeking a 7.84% rate increase in 2009, while many utilities in the State are seeking double digit increases.

REU’s rates, on average, have increased a nominal 2.2% annually
since 1996

Read more at the REU website Facts About YOUR Electric Utility


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